Monday, 11 June 2012

64 impala total rebuild

First model I ever made a few years ago. Was super fun but when i moved it broke alot of pieces, so it was time to do a major body off restore!

Decided to paint over the flames and do a two tone. got rid of the 100 spokes and went Foose style with some 23"s. Kept the interior the same with the black and white two tone  

The new rims way too big, time to modify the frame and the exhaust

took out the hydros and batteries, carpeted the trunk and later put in the air tank

The rims are in and the new exhaust set up

look how low it sits with the exhaust barely scrapin!

I actually lost a tailight so i had to come up with an idea, so i smoothed out the middle lights and tinted them black

finished up, looks alot better. but after a few models i could really tell how much better i got building.



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