Friday, 6 April 2012

RE:69 SuperBee - quick build..... Finished!!

Here's a few pics of the latest project on my bench...............the Revell 69 Super Bee. This is going to be a quick build (by my standards anyway) that my good mate, 70Chally "challenged" me to do over a few beers . The deal was to build this one out of the box before our next local model expo ..... naturally I agreed, but I negotiated ( Beer ) and we agreed, I could lower it and wire the engine. So one month down the track here is the progress, paint needs sanding (bad dust), clear and polishing yet.

Not the best kit I've built but it scrubs up OK. I just discovered that there is no decal for the Bee logo on the front grille Super Angry. Might have to cannibalize one of the rear stripe sets and cut the Bee out of that!!!!

Thanks for looking



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